Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. This social media network is used by people of all ages, professions, businesses and backgrounds basically to stay in touch and share the information on what’s happening in their life or at a company. The social media channels can connect the brands with their consumers.

Having millions of people gathered in one place is the perfect opportunity for any brand to raise awareness and grow a community of customers and to stay connected.

Why people follow a brand on Facebook

People connect to a brand on a Facebook not to make a purchase but to to receive latest updates and stay informed. This can happen only if a customer have a positive experience with a particular brand and it’s products. Indirectly they are promoting a brand to the people in their network and create some positive impression.

There could be several reasons for people to stay connected on Facebook. It also helps in understanding the customers.

  • People may expect to have updated information on the brands and it’s activities only for understanding the market trends.
  • People may follow a brand with an interest to understand and get connected with people of similar tastes and choices. sometimes form closed groups on Facebook to share their opinions and have discussions.
  • People may follow a brand only just because their beloved ones are doing so or to support their superior’s recommendations.
  • sometimes it is purely out of love for a brand people support and also share their valuable feedback and stay prompt in expressing their loyalty.
  • Some followers will comment on posts, others will vote in polls and a number of followers will buy when you have sales or offer discounts.

However marketing to all kinds of members including the silent members who don’t communicate also is still very important.

Any business can improve it’s branding through Facebook

The main focus of any brand on Facebook is to promote it’s brand, to connect and interact with its consumers. The agenda of any business promotion on social media is to propagate their message to the masses. A brand can create a community of loyal customers.

As any brand is promoted on Facebook to interact with its customers, any brand needs to take time to answer inquiries, post updates, also conduct contests before releasing a new product and have conversations within the community.

Finally, Any brand can promote and establish a brand reputation on Facebook platform successfully if the brand possess quality products and and stay prompt and interact with its loyal customers honestly and effectively.

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